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Seven Advantages For Recycled Plastic Goods

The need to use Recycled Plastic Products has never been more urgent. We are constantly reminded to recycle all glass bottles, newspapers and other items as well as buy products that have been recycled, and in doing so we are contributing our bit for the environment.
But although we know that using Recycled Plastic Products is better for the environment, what are the specific advantages of doing so? The following are seven of the top benefits.

1. Keep Products from Going to Landfill

This is a key reason for which using Recycled Plastic Products is important. When you use a product that has been recycled it means that all the waste that would have been sent to landfill has gotten reused. This saves space in landfill and reduces wastage by essentially converting waste into a valuable resource.

2. Use Less Resources

With vital raw materials continuing to be taken out of the Earth at an unprecedented rate, Recycled Plastic Products have a vital role to play in reducing our dependence on these vital resources so that they will last for a lot longer.

3. Durable

Furniture and other types of Recycled Plastic Products are made to be long lasting and quite strong. By cutting back on the need for painting or treating the products this saves even more on other resources. You won’t have to replace the Recycled Plastic Products you buy as quickly as you would other items, so that also means less waste in the long run.

4. Safe to Use

Recycled Plastic Products are normally designed to be totally safe to use. For example, wood benches can splinter or crack and cause injury. There are some materials which can possibly leak chemicals into the earth and create serious problems, but this does not occur with Recycled Plastic Products.

5. Lower Emissions in Transport

By creating Recycled Plastic Products from locally sourced materials there are fewer transport requirements associated with getting the finished product to where it needs to go. Fuel is saved as a result.

6. Versatile

Recycled Plastic Products come in many different shapes, and through recycling waste you are able to create almost anything that is made from most standard building materials such as wood, steel or concrete.

7. Less Power Usage

Creating new products from scratch involves using a large amount of power. By using Recycled Plastic Products you can save this extra power, which aids in cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycled Plastic Products – Enjoy the Wealth of Benefits

All of the advantages explained above are yours to enjoy when you get Recycled Plastic Products. Instead of wasting natural resources and buying brand new items, why not make the smart choice to get Recycled Plastic Products the next time you go shopping?Sustainable Options supply completely Uk plastic goods. Producing waste materials parts that would be headed to be dumped, our eco friendly choices transforms waste materials into a resource. The premade Recycled Plastic Products array includes patio furniture, landscaping and construction materials.

Freight Trailers

If you are contemplating earning a commercial driver’s License in order to become a truck driver, there are several factors to consider, including what type of trailer you will be working with. There are several different types of freight trailers, each with their own features and requirements. Learning about the various semi-trailers on the road will help you prepare for and select the best CDL job for you.

Dry Vans
Dry vans are the most common type of freight trailers hauled by commercial trucking companies. Dry vans are the “box” type trailers used to transport general commodities. There are several subtypes of dry vans as well. A curtain side van is a type of dry van with sides made of heavy fabric. You can move the curtains, allowing easier loading while protecting the load from the elements better than a flatbed trailer might. Refrigerator vans, commonly called reefers, are another type of dry van. These trailers require special fuel and have thermostats to control the temperature for perishable freight. No special CDL endorsements are required to pull a dry van trailer, unless you want to haul tandem trailers. If so, you will need a “Doubles/Triples” CDL endorsement.

Tankers are tank-shaped freight trailers used to haul liquid, gas or dry bulk freight. If you wish to drive a commercial tank truck in the U.S., you must apply for and receive a special “Tanker” endorsement on your CDL. This endorsement will allow you to haul dry bulk or liquids in a tanker, such as milk, juice or grain. To drive a tanker carrying fuel or other hazardous materials, you will also need a “Hazardous Materials” endorsement, which includes fingerprinting and a background check as well as an extra exam.

Flatbeds are another type of freight trailer commonly used in the transportation industry. These trailers consist of a flat bed with no sides. Flatbeds are often used to haul building materials, heavy machinery and over-sized freight that would not fit into a dry van trailer. There are a few flatbed subtypes, such as lowboy and drop-deck trailers. These trailers have lower beds than standard flatbeds, making them easier to load with very heavy items such as construction equipment. Drivers must strap freight onto flatbeds and are often required to cover cargo with a tarp as well. While there are no special CDL endorsements needed to haul a flatbed, securing loads is a highly time- and labor-intensive undertaking.

Dump Trailers
Construction companies and related businesses often use dump trailers to haul aggregates, such as rock, gravel and sand. Other types of freight hauled in dump trailers include produce direct from the grower, such as potatoes or fruits. End-dump trailers have hydraulic lifts and dump the freight out the rear of the trailer. Belly-dump trailers, also called bottom-dump trailers, have an opening in the bottom of the trailer from which freight is dropped. No special CDL endorsements are required to pull a dump trailer, unless you want to haul tandem trailers. If so, you will need a “Doubles/Triples” CDL endorsement.

Sample Funding Request Letter For A Church

Below is sample letter for a church fundraiser. Please use it as a guideline and inspiration for writing your own fundraising letter. Your letter must be original and carry your own voice in it, so use this sample as only that… A sample and a guideline:

Derrick Holmes
Holmes International Inc.
Unit 4, Elessdale Business Park
Stainton, 5650
15 January 2009

Request For Funding And/Or Building Material

Dear Mr. Holmes,

I was at a highest of highs a couple of Sundays ago, as I sat on the lawn with our Sunday school youth group, teaching and preaching about God’s grace. The kids were all full of interest, laughter and singing. It made me feel so proud of what we had achieved so far at our small Baptist church here in Stainton.

AND then the rain came down… And I realized how much we really needed to add onto our small building to accommodate for our ever growing number of youth members!

And this is the reason why I am writing to you now, to request your help, with either a donation of funds or a donation of building material, towards the extending of our Church building. For the past two years now we have placed great emphasis on attracting and building our number of youth members, as we believe that that the youth in any church is of extreme importance! I’m sure you know of how important the youth is to any community… They are the future after all.

This development has been a great success and our youth group has slowly grown to a number that we can now be proud of! But unfortunately, it has also grown to a size that we cannot accommodate for anymore in our small Church Building. So the time has now come for us to do some developments and extend the building.

But we can obviously not do this without the help of outside funding. So please would you be able to help us by sponsoring a section of the building extension or by donating some of the building material needed for it!

The cost to build this extension is going to be (amount), and to raise these funds we have broken the structure up into five different sections of which we are looking for sponsorships for each! Each section is going to cost (amount for section) and as a reward for sponsoring the section you will receive a plaque placed in the building entrance.

All sponsors will also receive free advertising on our website and in our newsletters.

By sponsoring and helping us build this extension you will be helping the kids in such a big way! Being a Christian yourself, I am sure you will understand the importance of giving our children a good grounding in our beliefs about Christ and the Lord, and this is what our Church’s main goal is! We want to teach the children in the best way possible and help them to develop into strong and honest Christian adults.

With this new extension we will be able to provide for these kids in a much better way. There will be no more interruptions or cancellations due to weather, the cold during winter will be less of an issue, and quite simply an indoors building with seats and proper facilities will just mean so much for the children, they will feel so much more wanted!

As Sally Galtrea, a 12 year girl from our youth, says, “Sunday school is something which I can’t wait for each week. I get to see all my friends, laugh, play and learn about Jesus! The stories that are told are so exciting and I love learning about Jesus and all the things he did. He is my Superhero! But then there are some days when the weather is ugly and our Sunday school gets cancelled… Those are my boring Sundays.”

So by helping us build on to our Church you will be providing a huge service to all the children, like Sally, at our Sunday school. Please either sponsor a section of our building or donate building material towards it.

Tips On Building A Wood Shed

Wood Shed Buildings are an extremely popular choice when it comes to constructing outdoor sheds, and for obvious reasons. Wood is not only durable, but is also a lightweight and versatile material to use. Wood is easy to work with and relatively inexpensive compared to other building materials such as metal, or bricks and mortar. Another reason why wood is a good choice of material is that you can use your imagination to accomplish a wide variety of styles and textures. This makes it the perfect construction material for virtually any shed design to suit your storage requirements.

One very important factor to consider when planning your wood shed building project is not so much the design but rather the size. When planning your shed size, be sure that it meets all your future storage requirements. There is nothing more disappointing than going to all the effort and expense of building a storage shed only to find that it is too small. This is a mistake often made by novice DIY enthusiasts.

When buying prefabricated wood shed buildings or a ready made shed, make doubly sure that you order your shed in the correct size to accommodate all your storage needs. Looking at sizes on a printed plan, it’s hard to judge actual sizes. To get a better feel of the size of the intended shed, pace the size out in an existing room in your house and try to figure out whether it is large enough to meet your storage requirements. Another way is to stack the actual items you intend storing on the garage floor or on the lawn outside, and then measure what kind of storage floor space you are going to need to accommodate everything. You don’t want to end up building or buying a wood shed that is not big enough for your storage needs.

When constructing wood shed buildings it is essential to choose your materials well. This is a crucial step in the building process as selecting treated lumber for the construction of your shed floor will ensure that it will last for many years to come. Choose the wrong materials and your shed floor will rot or be invaded by wood destroying insects within months.

Always choose treated lumber for the floor, especially where it meets the soil. It is best to raise the wood floor off the ground with treated wood posts for support. This will ensure that your wood shed’s floor will be durable and protected against rot and insects. Also be sure to build your wood floor using treated plywood. In the long run, this will avoid wood rot caused by wet garden equipment such as mowers.